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Librarian Our Fall Book Fair goes Virtual

To celebrate Scholastic's 100th anniversary, the virtual fall book fair's theme is "Time Machine" and features Ms. Caryn our Librarian decked out as time traveling Doc from Back-to-the-Future! Books will be highlighted in Google classroom, in fliers, and can be ordered online. Click on this link to go to our Scholastic page


CMP American River's Principal and Dean of Students showing their boundless spirit and support of our APEX challenge this year by getting covered in silly string and slime!!

Counselor's Corner - November

November 10th marked Mental Health Matters Day with a vision of hope, action, and change surrounding mental health.  We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health.  Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.  It affects our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.  Mental health is important throughout our lifetime and at every stage of life.


The 2020 Apex leadership program theme is MIGHTY: Mindful, Integrity, Grit, Hero, Think Ahead, Your Turn. Daily, interactive lessons and a virtual event day - mixing dance moves with circuit training - make for a fun, safe program that raises dollars to expand our campus outdoor learning areas. Donations can be made online at

Counselor's Corner - October

October is in full swing, and with it brings National Bullying Prevention Month. Help us foster a culture of togetherness throughout our CMP community by encouraging your child to treat others with kindness and respect. By doing so, we are working together to stop bullying and cyberbullying by promoting acceptance, kindness, and inclusion to all. Check out this website that includes kid-friendly, interactive resources about bullying that you and your child can look at together: Click for more resources and information from Stacey Cronin.

Harvest Festival Harvest Fest 2020 - Be Safe and Spooky!

Our annual Harvest Festival was reimagined this year as we gathered our community for a socially distant car parade featuring the Middle School Haunted House, themed trunks for treats, and our amazing staff of storybook characters, witches, Star Wars heroes, social media butterflies and more! We appreciate all the families who got decked out as well, endured the vast car line, and arrived so excited to celebrate fall and fun times. 

world graphic International Day of Peace

In celebration of International Day of Peace, each year CMP/American River comes together for a silent peace walk. We were happy to see everyone at our modified Peace Parade, flying your peace doves!

current waves What is the American River "Current"?

The American River CURRENT is our bi-weekly campus newsletter for our families. Families can find insight from our Principal Ms. Kathleen, detailed information on upcoming events, and important links and updates all in one place. Our goal is to keep campus communication streamlined in the CURRENT, sent to our community via Parent Square, throughout the school year. 

Changes to Meal Service-Starting September 8, 2020

UPDATE!  USDA extends free meals for children 18 and under! The USDA has issued updated guidance that meals can be provided at no cost to all children 0-18 years old. 
Beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020, one breakfast and one lunch per child, packaged together, will be handed out curbside to all children 0-18 years from 44 San Juan school sites. 
Non-meat options will be available to families upon request. Please read more for all the details!

Maria Montessori with children Happy Birthday Maria Montessori

Each year we celebrate the teachings and dynamic life of Maria Montessori. She was a doctor, research scientist, and educator. Her landmark philosophy recognizes that children have a natural desire to learn and that stages of development exist for which there should be corresponding prepared educational environments. Montessori education provides pathways for creation, exploration, imagination, decision making, problem solving, and healthy social relationships that lead to concrete skills in concentration, academic and life skills. Read more about Maria Montessori by clicking here!

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